Can't recycle your food scraps? Now you can.

Robin is reinventing food waste collection for Londoners.

So you can recycle your food scraps, even if your council can't.

Food waste sent to landfill releases methane, heating the planet up to 84x more than CO  . 

If every London household diverted their food waste from landfill, the harmful emissions would be equivalent to 2.7 billion car miles per year.

Yet millions of households can't get their food waste collected and recycled by their council.

That's why we're building Robin.


How it works

We drop reusable, leak-proof bin bags through your letterbox

You add your food waste then pop the bag outside when it’s full

We collect your bag and drop a fresh, clean one through your letterbox

We deliver your food scraps to a food waste recycling facility

You see how much food waste you've recycled and pollution you prevented

We'll collect.

Wherever you live.

It shouldn't matter if you live in a block of flats, on a commercial street or simply in a council that doesn’t offer food waste collection.

If it’s London, Robin will pick up your food scraps.

No leaks.

No icky bin-juice.

Say goodbye to ugly brown caddies, leaky bags and stinky bins.


Robin uses leak-proof, reusable bags and stylish caddies that actually look nice.

We’ll even provide you with fresh bags each time we collect so you don’t have to buy new ones.

Greener vehicles.

Cleaner roads.

It seems ironic that the vehicles designed to clean up our cities are big, noisy, dirty diesel guzzlers.

Robin switches out the old bin lorries for clean, green, electric vans.

Your waste.


Robin's network of anaerobic digestion facilities turn your food waste into renewable energy and fertiliser for farms and community gardens.

Receive reports.

See your impact.

Your Robin dashboard shows you how much food you've prevented from sending to landfill, and the harmful emissions you have prevented over time.

We'll even help you make sure what you put in your bin is recyclable.

Wait for councils.

Or vote with wallets.

The choice is ours.

We didn't want to build Robin.

But after conducting hundreds of interviews with councils, residents and industry authorities, we discovered an uncomfortable truth...

...due to economical, logistical and political reasons, our councils won't be fixing the problem any time soon.

We decided to give people a choice:

Settle for what you've got, or pay small change for big change.

I hate putting food in the bin knowing how bad it is for the environment. I've been trialing Robin for a month now, and love how leak-proof the bags are and that my choice makes a real difference!


Anni Butler - lives in Haringey, London

Join the trial.

Just £25.

For the cost of a few Starbucks trips, get access to:

A beautiful food caddy bin

Reusable, leak-proof bags

4x food waste collections

Personalised waste report


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